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2019 Fall Conference
2019-08-30 11:15:44


The New Korean Association of English Language and Literature (NKA) 2019 Fall conference on “Translation and Interpretation: Language, Place and Culture” is being held at Pusan National University on October 12 (Sat.).



In his seminal essay “The Task of the Translator,” Benjamin launches a theory of translation which resists traditional translation theories’ binarism between an original text in one language and its translation in a second language. Claiming that the tension between fidelity and freedom in these old theories are no longer useful, Benjamin explains his idea of translation through the metaphor of “fragments of a vessel.” If we can understand translation and, by extension, interpretation as Benjamin’s concept of fitting together fragments of a greater language as a vessel, what would our journey on the vessel be like? For Jacques Derrida, translation entails a transformational development of languages through the Benjaminean emphasis on the “foreignness” of languages. For Homi Bhabha, against the impasse of identitarian politics, translation as negotiation rather than the dialectical concept of negation, brings us to the space for hybridity which can generate something politically new. Judith Butler in Parting Ways: Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism (2012) redefines translation as a diasporic, non-nationalist allegory for “encounters with otherness” through which hegemonic discourses and traditions can be disrupted or transformed.


Building on these and other reflections on translation, the New Korean Association of English Language and Literature is thrilled to provide a special topic session to explore how translation and interpretation can function as transformative encounters with, and journey for, the alterity of various languages, places and cultures and how these encounters and journeys can affect our imagination of the future of humanity. We are happy to invite experienced and young scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and professionals from various disciplines.



20-minute presentations are invited for contributions that are concerned with any facet of translation. Key topics and issues for discussion may include, but are limited to the following:

- translation in theory and practice;

- translation in literature, linguistics and education;

- issues of power, race, gender, nationality, and ideology in translation;

- translation as encounters with and journeys for otherness;

- translation agents and target audience;

- redefining traditional concepts of authorship, translatorship, fidelity and freedom;

- translation as recreation and reinterpretation;

- historical and spatial contexts in translation;

- digital trends and practices in translation



What to send & Where to send:

Submit the title of your proposed presentations and a short biographical note together with your name, affiliation, email address, cell phone number, and presentation language (Korean or English) by September 9 (Mon.) to academic affairs officers: for literature, Jin Ho Shim(carlosshim@silla.ac.kr) and, for linguistics, Soyoung Kim (ginlovego7@gmail.com).

Also, submit abstracts, ppts, or papers of your 20-minute presentations by September 30 (Mon.).





다음글 : 『새한영어영문학』 61권 4호 원고 모집
이전글 : 2019년 10월 12일 가을학술대회안내